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Impose: Baked, Debt
"' Horizons' EP

Cantina is the Italian word for "cellar," the dark and rather cold place where time, wood, air and silence magically transorfm tedious grape juice into inebriating, delicious wine. Cantina is also the name of Renata Zeiguer's growing musical project, a band so quiet that one could say it flirts with silence, and so charming and dreamy to sound magic. Their seven track debut EP 'Horizons' opens with airy ballad 'When Your Eyes,' that sounds like an irresistible siren call coming out of an old wooden gramophone, where a lush, acoustic arrangement slowly overwhelms a melody so pristine it could only be conceived in the the squalid corners of Bushwick. All we can gather from the lyrics is: "and if you ask me to..." - which is really all a siren should say to a hungover NYC-life sailor. The rest of the record offers similar atmospheres, althought at times more upbeat ('Stay Like This') and more electric ('Fields') but always dominated by Renata's celestial soprano and her otherworldly melodies, and well supported by an unobtrusive musical background that perfectly serves each song.

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Brooklyn trio Lodro sounds like a band with dangerous, dark intentions. On top of that, bassist and lead singer Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends) has the looks of one of those irresistible, Pulp Fiction-style, not to be trusted female characters, while Jeremy Cox’s guitar does whatever it takes to sound as sharp and out of control as a rusty knife in the hands of a psychopath. Since he recorded all the band’s material (so far) in total DIY fashion, our friends at Delicious Audio asked him to shed light on the band's recording habits - see link below.

LINK: Q&A about Lodro’s gear and DIY recordings

August 22, 2014

If you haven't heard the name Fascinator before, don't feel clueless: with a barely there online presence and their last musical offering released late last year, the band has been cruising along under the radar - but this may change soon. The side-project of Australian, now NYC based, Children Collide's frontman Johnny Mackay, the band debuted in 2012 with the track 'Sexuality Mystery.' Mackay initially kept his name off the project, but revealed his involvement with the release of his second video 'Mr Caterpillar'. Released in October 2013, Fascinator's second five song EP 'Earth' is a collection of dancy, dark, exotic psych-rock tunes, with lo-fi reverby vocals woven through it. Influences by Ariel Pink, early Beck and Connan Mockasin (refreshingly acknowledged by the band in their Facebook page) trickle through tracks like 'Girl I Want' (streaming) and 'River Legs'. Having opened for Australian bands Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma earlier this year, Fascinator is set to play Burning Man next week. Their wild, fully costumed show is a must see, keep an eye out for upcoming show dates and fresh material dropping later this year - Brescia Mascheretti

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

August 22, 2014

This Saturday, August 23rd, Craig Greenberg will perform at Joe’s Pub in celebration of his birthday and in anticipation of his upcoming album, to be unveiled this fall. The singer-songwriter will be backed by a five-piece band and will give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the next release. The record will follow Greenberg’s “Spinning in Time” EP, a short but cohesive collection threaded with the twang of a country album, the melodic structure of pure-hearted pop and a light hearted vocal delivery reminiscent of Cake (the band). Known as “the troubadour piano man,” the artist is sure to put on an entertenining show this weekend. - Jillian Dooley

August 22, 2014

Le Rug is a band that has seen the ins and outs of this city, and to see them continue to make music is noteworthy and comforting at once. Lead singer/guitarist Ray Weiss might be a complicated guy, and he's not quiet about it (he started perversely entertaining flame wars with half of the bands in Brooklyn via Facebook), but his music is undeniably passionate and fun and downright punchy.  I know Le Rug from Bleenex, their first album, but revisiting the stuff I missed in between has been a real treat.  There's no wonder the man is fed up with the slacker vibes that have taken us by storm, Weiss puts all himself into the music, and what more can you ask for from anyone who practices their art seriously? Sometimes his songs are ridiculous, sometimes they're angry, sometimes they're 20 seconds long, but, invariably, the energy is there and it never falters.  Ray Weiss and friends recently released a Le Rug Collection called Press Start (The Collection) off Fleeting Youth Records.  It's 32 songs of fuzzy maddnes including three albums, two EPs, and singles that never saw release.  If you're unfamiliar with Le Rug, it's a great place to get started.  Stream a couple of my favorites below.  -Jake Saunders

August 21, 2014

27-year-old producer Jeremy Lawrence (aka Visionary Jeremy, pictured) crafts tracks that sit in the pocket and groove at the tempo of a beating heart. Enlisting soft-spoken female voices, he creates a percussive balance between dark, heavy downbeats and shrill, hasty hi-hats and tambourines, moving his tracks along with purpose and admirable technical skill. Listen to his latest single entitled 'Long Time' - featuring Lily Virginia's vocals.

Pandafan (pictured) is the work of Grace, Delaney, and Joe, an indie folk trio that crafts impressive harmonies, layering their three voices atop one another with elements of folksy crooning. The band keeps their tunes energetic and commanding, moving along at a speed reminiscent of traditional Irish music. They maintain a spirit of positivity threaded throughout their music, setting them apart from many more melancholic contemporaries. - Jillian Dooley

These artists submitted their music for coverage here.

August 21, 2014

After dropping her debut full-length album “Anti Venus” this past November (preceded by two EPs released in 2009 and 2012), sound architect, vocalist and feminist force Vandana Jain has been focusing on bringing her eastern music influenced, noir electro-pop to a larger fan base through several live appearances, including one at Highline Ballroom earlier this summer. Band members Yusuke Yamamoto and Ryan Casey contribute to forging an intriguing analog sound, driven by Vandana's sophisticated velvety vocals.

The record's opener “Ecstatic” (streaming) is the strongest track, emphasizing distant percussive mechanical clicks and whirrs recreating sci-fi atmospheres reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine” sci fi experiments. Dark, foreboding (yet warm) analog synth notes pulse and rise from distant ethereal mists. Recorded at Jain’s home studio, inspiration came in part by delving into Henry Miller’s classic novel “Tropic of Cancer,” and its embrace of “the grip of delirium.” “You freak – you make me ecstatic” becomes the central, single line and rather addictive vocal hook.

Other tracks like “Claw” are less instrumentally dense, allowing more space for expressive vocals. With a style reminiscent of Kate Bush’s penultimate work combined with the modern deeper vocal textures of British pop vocalist Sophie Ellis Bextor, Ms. Jain’s voice becomes instantly appealing. While “Mask” (a track about the proverbial camouflage we all put on every day to function) is recurrently stark and minimal in places, the overall effect sounds incredibly big, and Vandana's seductive vocal delivery makes for a delightful headphone listening experience. - Dave Cromwell

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

August 21, 2014

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