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Deli Record of the Month: Ludwig Persik - Live at Mercury on 10.09

Deli Record of the Month: Ludwig Persik - Live at Mercury on 10.09

If you've been wondering what beat boxing soul machine Jamie Lidell has been up to, it turns out he's been teaming up with psychedelic, acid rock revivalist Ludwig Persik. Ludwig's self-titled debut EP trips through Iggy Pop and Lou Reed's New York, filled with the secret, late-night adventures you've always imagined happening across the Bowery in the '70s. And Ludwig should know, having grown up on the LES himself, this legacy permeates his slight frame. It's spirit is channeled through all five of these tunes.

From the welcome open of the Beatlesque 'Forward Motion,' to the Bowie-indebted 'On The Town,' there's a kind of staggering drunkenness to Ludwig's adventures through his city. Like he's already seen a lot of life, but can't quit now and let sleep get in the way of more story-making.

He may be rambling along throughout these jams, but 'Hallway Light' is arguably the album's most immediate destination. Looped in with a creepy, digitally distorted video, one wonders if Ludwig might be a half-cyborg invention beneath all the angst and alienation.

It’s a fascinating debut dealing with old styles, struggling to come to terms with new relationships, and trying to make sense of unfamiliar surroundings. The further along he goes, the more he leaves that past behind. As Ludwig explains in raucous album closer ‘Son,’ “I don’t want to come home… I’ll die if I have to.” See him when he plays Mercury Lounge Oct 9. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

Published: October 05, 2012 |

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