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Album of the Month: Heart of Hearts "My Society"

Album of the Month: Heart of Hearts "My Society"

Baltimore's perveyor of indie pop noise Heart of Hearts (Greg Hatem's solo project) create soundscapes of ethereal tinged notes and lush air in his debut September release My Society (also available on glorious vinyl.) It's a great soundtrack for this new gloomy sky we have above us. So turn on the heat, open a natty bo, and hit play for a relaxing ride into the impending winter.

One of my favorite tracks is definitely "Owls Grow Up," which full on showcases Hatem's flair for layered keys in a futuristic shoegaze atmosphere.

"You're My Sister" takes a psychedelic journey into more experimental territory, with warbly sci-fi synths and cleverly placed background tones that sound like a chorus of extra terrestrials chiming in.

"Grass Mask" gets uber dark, with Suicide-ish keys booming throughout, and paired with lyrics "I can't mask how I feel. Don't ask how I feel." But before you get caught up in the horror score of it, Hatem ends on a 'happier' note with the title track "My Society" pumping a steady oompa bass beat that harkens on 80's electro and shoegazey electro vocals. -Dawn

Published: October 15, 2012 |

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