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Interview with Owl Paws

Don’t try to pin down Owl Paws’s sound. Please. You’re going to waste all thirty minutes of Carry On, their great new EP, playing the Manticore game (okay, let’s see, it’s got the harmonies of fleet foxes, the descending harmonic line of Radiohead, the vocal timbre of the Decemberists...). When the album's through, you’ll pat yourself on the back for the sheer magnitude of good bands you know, and then decide Owl Paws really mostly sounds a lot like Owl Paws. That’s a really good thing.

They’re the winners of our ‘Artist of the Month’ poll, they’re about to go on tour for their new EP, and, well… I’ll just let you read the Q and A.

What are you guys currently up to?

We just released and are promoting our new EP Carry On. We will be touring the West Coast in the upcoming months, and we’ll be in Southern California in early December.

How do you describe your sound?

We are a quartet consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, and drums. We focus heavily on vocals and vocal harmonies.

What are your influences?

As far as influences go, we all come from different places, from Bjork to Fleetwood Mac.

What was your best live gig ever? Why?

Playing Haunted Hoedown last year at Bottom of the Hill with Rin Tin Tiger, Please Do Not Fight and Debbie Neigher. We are really close friends with RTT, and a lot of people came out wearing costumes.

Currently listening to?

Tim-Mt. Eerie; Colin- Dinosaur; Jr.Lucas- The Chariot; Derek- Fionn Regan.

If you could make music in another time and/or place, when/where would it be and what scene would you join?

The future, because Joseph Gordon-Levitt will look like Bruce Willis.

What do you love about the Bay Area?

The food is amazing, and we can play music on the street.

Favorite venue in the Bay Area?

Bottom of the Hill.

What are a few other local bands you feel particularly close to on an artistic level?

Rin Tin Tiger, Picture Atlantic, Girl Named T, Matador, Cannons and Clouds, Matt Dorrien

Do you have any collective quirks?

We can speak in slang that very few people understand, and love Pokémon. Even though we make more emotionally driven music, we are very goofy.

And most importantly, what is your favorite Pokemon?

This question is too difficult, and almost caused the band to break up. Here's a few: Porygon, Hypo, Polywhirl.


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