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Von Haze celebrates release party at Glasslands on 11.19 (tonight)

Von Haze celebrates release party at Glasslands on 11.19 (tonight)

I don't see how anybody could posibly try to describe Von Haze's music without using the word "trip" somewhere in the sentence. In their new video for the single "Mother Mountain," band members Travis Caine and Katherine Kin's voices sound high as kites, to the point of challenging his highness Tricky's levels of stonedness. Now back in NYC after on year spent in London, Von Haze plays minimalistic electro-trip-goth that carries a bagagge of dark, decadent influences ranging from Suicide to Joy Division, from Velvet Underground to Dead Can Dance. The Lynchean video looks like a hopeless and bleak celebration of irrationality shot in the middle of nowhere in the US (also referred to by us as "Tea Party-land"), but the band's other material can be more uptempo and slightly less depressing (see "His Love is Fine, streaming below). Von Haze will celebrate the vynil release of their album 'Kar Dee Akk Ake' at Glasslands on 11.19 (tonight). 

Published: November 19, 2012 |

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