Interview with 'Artist of the Month' Winners Fever Charm — New York City

Interview with 'Artist of the Month' Winners Fever Charm

I was just chatting with a friend about how, once in a while, we’ll come across people whose futures we’d want to invest in.  I think it’s just a matter of time before the teens in Oakland’s Fever Charm wind up on the charts, and it’d really rev up my hipster sensibilities to say, “I knew them when.” 

Fever Charm’s infectious music is a collage of early 60’s rock ‘n’ roll, pop punk, and modern alt rock. If you’re not bopping your head within the first 30 seconds of any song, you’re almost certainly the Grinch. Be sure to read the part about their live shows. 


How’d you meet, and what prompted you to start a band? 

We all met in grade school and began to play music together after we saw the movie School Of Rock with Jack Black. eventually, this hobby turned into a passion and we started Fever Charm to accommodate the new direction we were headed in.

How did your dynamic change once you guys separated after high school?

Our dynamic hasn't changed too much since we separated. We are all still brothers and talk about music alot and play a lot. The one thing that has changed is that we all have obtained new responsibilities and new things that we need to get used to being on our own in different places. And simply, we just don't get to play together as often.

Describe your music in three words

Dirty, Old-School, Orgasmic.

What do you have on tap for us? 

We will be releasing our debut record West Coast Rock And Roll on January 5th. "Recognize Me," our 1st single from the record, is available online now, and we are releasing our next single very soon.

Are you planning on playing local gigs or tours?

We are playing a Record Release show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco on January 5th, with False Priest, Rin Tin Tiger, and Everyone Is Dirty. On top of that, we are planning to play in Los Angeles around the same time and tour the East Coast in February.

What’s your songwriting process like? Collaborative? Spawned in jam sessions? Mulled over for a long time?

It's all of those, which really adds to the diversity and individuality of each track. Some we write on our own, others we come up with while jamming, and some, we all contribute in a collaborative effort.

Describe your best live show ever in gritty detail.

We played a sold out show at the Uptown back in June of 2011. Before we came on, we turned out the lights and sent up 15 or so of our friends dressed all in black with identical white masks to stand motionless on stage. Everyone began to wonder what was going on and we let the confusion and tension linger for a moment. Then Kendrick counted off the beat, and the whole room erupted. The masked figures threw out fist fulls of glow sticks, danced around then dove into the audience while the band improvised on an energetic dance groove. Everyone was going crazy, people were diving of the stage and moshing and having a great time. That's how the greatest show ever began. and the rest of the show followed suit.

What’s your favorite venue and why?

Bottom Of The Hill. Hands down. Every show that we've played at and been to has is great. The room is set up so well, and the environment is awesome.

Is it ever frustrating to be younger than drinking age when you guys are booking shows, or is there a multitude of places to choose from?

It's not really that bad. We know a bunch of places that put on all ages shows all the time. It is a little frustrating when we are playing somewhere that we don't know as well though.

I noticed you guys get a lot of Tumblr comments asking if you’re single, talking about how adorable you are, etc. What was it like when you started getting those? How do you stay humble?

It was weird when we starting getting them. And it still is. We are definitely not used to it yet.

Are there any local bands you feel particularly close to? 

Yeah we have a lot of local band buddies, whether we like them for their music or their personalities is neither here nor there. Some of our faves are: Local Hero, the Tumbleweed Wanderers and Finish Ticket Check them all out!

Do you have any post-college/teenage plans? Describe to me where you’d like to be in five years.

We want to be playing music to as many people as possible, and be able to tour while sustaining ourselves. We would like to record our travels through our music by creating and recording in settings that could influence the product in the same way it will influence us. In five years, we want to be releasing music faster and expanding our musical abilities to be the very best we can be.

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