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Brooklyn band we like: Landlady

Brooklyn band we like: Landlady

Indie folk-pop seems like too simple a categorization for a band like Landlady, even though that is the core of their sound, which is slightly reminiscent of Luke Temple's rather obscure but beautiful debut album, before he started Here We Go Magic. Adam Schatz, the Brooklyn based lead singer/songwriter for this six-piece pop collective, pulls the talent he needs from a pool of 11 musicians, all of whom have the chance to sing and have their turn at different instruments. Their newest single “Above my Ground” (streaming below) exemplifies their mid-tempo, lo-fi take on the genre. The song slowly builds on meandering guitars and languid backup vocals, spiraling to a noisy climax that quickly dissolves on the songs consistently steady drum line. This pop is not to be taken lightly. - Lucy Sherman

Published: December 12, 2012 |

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