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NYC Year End Poll - Indie Rock Submission Results: Kiss Slash Crooked Smile at #1

NYC Year End Poll - Indie Rock Submission Results: Kiss Slash Crooked Smile at #1

As the nascent nu-pop underground digs its heels in deeper during 2013, Assaf Asi Spector and Yula Beeri’s band Kiss Slash Crooked Smile should at least win the prize for most bizarre moniker. Beeri’s singing style bears more than a passing likeness to the childlike delivery of Joanna Newsom, which I suppose is like saying Kiss Slash Crooked Smile sounds like Newsom’s new wave side-project, The Pleased, which is never a bad thing. The band’s best cut at this early stage is “Ole” (streaming below) a sing-song melody that rides a disco/ska beat (kudos to drummer Stefano Baldasseroni here) reminiscent of Blondie during their biggest hit period, but with more sinister darkwave overtones. All of which suggests Kiss Slash Crooked Smile are still standing in the shadows of their influences, but damn their music is fun. - Brian Chidester

Published: January 07, 2013 |

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