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The Deli Readers' Best NYC Alt Rock Emerging Artist of 2012: Apollo Run

The Deli Readers' Best NYC Alt Rock Emerging Artist of 2012: Apollo Run

Our year end polls closed yesterday and the results are coming in! As you may have noticed, our artist pool this year was so massive we had to organize qualifying bands by genre. While the end results were based off most overall votes, regardless of category, each genre had it's own winner as well. Apollo Run took first place in our Alt Rock category. 

There is a lot of stale, predictable alternative rock out there in the music world today, even in the mainstream. That's why a band like Apollo Run really catches our attention. Taking the alt rock sound and reinterpreting it with bright pianos, horn sections, and experimental vocals, this band is an innovator of the genre. 

Congratulations are also in order to Chron Turbine, who came in second place in the Alt Rock category, and The Prigs, who came in third. Both are promising bands who are solid members of the NYC Alt Rock scene. - Lucy Sherman

Published: February 06, 2013 |

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