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I, Synthesist releases video + album

I, Synthesist releases video + album

“Hello Virginia” is the new video by NYC goth revivalist, I, Synthesist (nee Chris Ianuzzi). The video features weather-worn pedestrians suffering through this year’s oppressive winter, a middle-aged male wearing some kind of steampunk eyeglass contraption and a young blonde punk girl who climbs stairwells looking generally forlorn. There’s also a little girl that appears about 3/4th of the way in, a point at which I truthfully gave up on narrative altogether. Luckily, the actual music from the video was more interesting. A menacing darkwave beat convulses underneath a buzzsaw of synth loops in typical goth fashion. When its gravely-voiced singer croaks out his dramatic exordium to the elusive Virginia, things feel icy and chilly, not unlike the weather. Dark, moreover... like the world. Beware the non-conformist. - Brian Chidester

Mp3 - I, Synthesist : "Hello, Virginia"

Published: June 03, 2013 |

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