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A mysterious and dreamy band from The Bronx: Pigeons

A mysterious and dreamy band from The Bronx: Pigeons

It's always slightly unsettling when - after dedicating almost a decade to the mission of informing the public about the best emerging/obscure NYC artists - we find out about a really interesting band that's been active for what seems like an eternity - i.e the mid aughts. Bronx Soft-Psych band Pigeons plays uber blurred litanies with occasional both Eastern (see embedded track) and Western accents. The band released their debut album in 2006, and their latest in 2011. Admittedly the guys aren't too interested in self promotion - you won't find a band Facebook account, and to get a picture of the band we had to do some serious digging. Shots of them playing live are even rarer, which implies they don't do it often. However we found out about them because Brooklyn DIY guru Todd P booked them to open for Major Stars last Friday night at Kent 285. It's not clear from the info available online if Pigeons is working on new material, but we hope so, because we are really enjoying their tunes.

Published: July 01, 2013 |

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