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CMJ Marathon 2013 - Runners' Diary: Kayla, Day 4
- by Kayla Hay


Her voice is like smooth whiskey with a bold kick, and she ‘wants to wreck your home’. It was an astonishing show the one put on by Mieka Pauley (pictured on the right) last night at Rockwood, my friend texted me from inside saying, “OMG… I mean it’s just her…and a guitar… is this real life?” Brought up in a musical family, Pauley is an emerging artist here in New York but has been traveling and playing music for over 11 years, starting with some street performing in Boston at Harvard Square. Not only does the music flow through her family's blood but so does musical showmanship: as if her voice wasn’t enough, her stage presence was on fire. Laughing and talking with the crowd between songs, she called out my friend and asked him questions about the magazine and he ended up asking her for an interview right then and there. Her new album, The Science of Making Choices, is now out.


Victory's twist on guitar melodies and psychedelic sparks left a footprint in New York last night. The West Coast sensations have only been playing together for a year - says Fleming, the singer. It was quite a memorable encounter: “I can remember it now, wine, candles and romantically getting introduced at the bar.” The heavenly guitar strums; upbeat rock and roll jams and Flemings incredibly smooth vocals lead the band through out their 10 song album "Victory Is Music." With their sunshine pop, led by a jumpy rhythm section, this emergin L.A. band could be described as the new Kooks. Fleming was 11 when he picked up his guitar to learn the songs by his favorite band of the time, Nirvana. Being exposed to great rock songwriting at such a young age is probably a reason why this band is putting out some quality material.


"Hold Up Girl," you have to check out this band - and that song - and that music video. Distinct guitar solos harmonized and bluesy soulful vocals. The band has a new album out called Twenty One Rooms recorded all in their Long Island home, almost every song brings something a little different to the album. With music reminiscent of The White Stripes, Black Keys and even Wolfmother, these rockers take my heart with their single "Bodies," reminding me of one of my favorite bands, Imagine Dragons, and their song "Underdog." If the music isn’t enough incentive to buy the album I don’t know what is, or what is wrong with you either.


Singer/song writer Elle King managed to place her song "Playing For Keeps" in two TV shows: Mad Men and Chicago Mob Wives. Her powerful soulful voice comes across as a combination of UK singers Duffy and Adele. Cute, refreshingly funny and super-blonde, this bombshell gets down dirty in her song "My Neck My Back" - I have never wanted to learn lyrics more than I do right now. Elle takes a spin on blues rock with her 50’s hairdo and boisterous voice, adding her banjo and light guitars to mix up her sets. The chance to see this woman perform live was a blessing in disguise.


As if their name wasn't crazy enough, this electro-rock five-member band plays some pretty crazy music. The dark sensation of Wachichoo is a living, breathing proof the apocalypse already happened, and they are the result: a ambunctious group of people with a sly slow set list. Breathless singer, Ashanti J’Aria has heavy stage drive, beautifully constructed lyrics, and a spirited keyboard player to harmonize with. This diverse band has more enthusiasm in their pinky than I do in my whole body, and with so much soul and rock flowing evenly through Wachichoo, the excitiment could be felt through the whole venue.