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Ash Reiter The Visibles and Psychic Jiu Jitsu Play Eagle Tavern TONIGHT

Ash Reiter The Visibles and Psychic Jiu Jitsu Play Eagle Tavern TONIGHT

Eagle Tavern, a small bar located in SoMa, will be hosting its weekly show series, Thursday Nite Live! TONIGHT. This week's bill includes three acts that are shaking up the Bay Area music scene in very different, but eminent ways. Ash Reiter, a classic bubblegum pop music incarnate, plays San Francisco flower pop rock with a twist. Their music will inevitably get you swaying to the melody, humming to the choruses and bobbing your head to the beat. The Visibles bring together a hint of folk with a blend of psych-rock, which is a great combination that is not too intense and not too pop sounding. The Electric Magpie, originating from the North Bay, has come to be quintessential to the Bay Area psych-rock music scene since the release of their successful single, “What’s For Tea?,” and signing to Lolipop Records. Their sound is trippy and exudes 60s instrumentation, delayed and reverbed vocals and a nice addition of punk influences on top of it all. Psychic Jiu Jitsu brings back jam-like psych rock instrumentation that goes beyond cliché jam bands. A mix of distorted guitars, eerie and heavily reverbed vocals and crashing cymbals create a vicious, mind-charging atmosphere.

Be sure to catch these bands doing their thing tonight! -Victor Casillas Valle

Published: October 24, 2013 |

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