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Storyman Wins the Deli NYC's Year End Poll SONGWRITER Open Submissions

Storyman Wins the Deli NYC's Year End Poll SONGWRITER Open Submissions

It take a special kind of craziness for a band to reach a certain level of success, only to then completely reinvent their sound and style entirely. For Storyman, they've been remaking themselves ever since moving to NYC from Ireland several years back. Now they've moved from the folk purity of their older unit (Guggenheim Grotto), to the kitchen sink of pop-tastic noise and fireworks of latest incarnation: Storyman. Yes, these guys are still the intimate singer-songwriters they've always been, but now they're unafraid to let everyone join the party: from pounding drum machines, to rocktastic ukulele parts.

For a band that's been together now for 15 years, Storyman is just getting started. Watch their video to 'Coming Home' below and see the city through bizarre cue cards... and a special guest appearance from Chewbacca. Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

Published: January 15, 2014 |

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