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Found through the Best of NYC Year End poll: oddlogic

Found through the Best of NYC Year End poll: oddlogic

There's something very alluring about NYC's oddlogic's really, REALLY sparse instrumental electronica. Rather than attacking you with an infinity of derivative tricks and predictable four on the floor beats (a fault of too many artists dedicated to this genre), Alex Gohorel plays its cards well, producing tracks that entrance the listener with simple but unexpected rhythmic developments (hear "Trickers, Cascades," streaming below) or use original samples sparingly to construct an intriguing sonic collage, like in "Blunders, Wonders," a track that sounds like The Chemical Brothers without any Big Beat distractions.

It must also be noted oddlogic's prolificity: the project's Soundcloud profile gets updated with new material on a monthly basis - that's what happens when you are a productive person without band mates to deal with...

We found out about this band through our Year End Best of NYC Poll for Emerging Artists, they placed 13th in the Readers' Poll section.

Published: February 06, 2014 |

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