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PREMIERE: The Colorines - Paleontolgy (EP)

PREMIERE: The Colorines - Paleontolgy (EP)

It's our pleasure to premiere The Colorines' brand new EP, Paleontology, which is the first batch of songs ever released by this soon to be fountain-of-music. The Colorines are Robosco, Dwreck, Ozkr and Grim, and formed earlier this winter. “Each member brought a song or two from either a previous band or one they had been sitting on” Dwreck tells us, creating a mini-smorgasbord of instant classics.

The EP starts off with “You’ll Forget This”, which is possibly the most memorable song of the lot (go figure). A beautiful melody paired with a muted bass and baroque harmonies reminds us of something off of The Beach Boys' “Holland” or "Friends" records.

Other stand out tracks include the haunting and retrospective ballad "Pseudosyde", the theme song to the 21st century loner. Dwreck takes lead on the number singing lines like: “everybody thinks that I died” and “I don’t see them crying over me, everyone’s having some, and I’ma get me some”. One can’t help but feel optimistic, although this song seems to be derived from nostalgia and those crappy high school years of days gone by.

Though we are totally getting into the darker tones of The Colorines, adding a more upbeat song like “Haircut” towards the end of the EP comes with a sigh of relief. A stream of consciousness about haircuts, hot moms and Facebook-stalking paired with Dr. Dog-like harmonies and a catchy bass and rhythm section that a young Beck would have been jealous of, makes this a great song to welcome Spring (or at least welcome the extra hour we’ve been rewarded by daylight savings).

The EP closes with “The Postmodern Life”, which hits us back again with darker notes but also remains to be the most driving song we’ve heard yet from the Colorines. The chorus is catchy and relatable to every 20 something living in the city: “...coming off a bad year, tell me where you’ve been all the time? ...even if it’s greener on the other side, keeping a live but you can’t make it high…” Maybe it should be renamed "The Postcollege Life"?

The band says to be on the look out for NYC show dates this spring and a full-length in the very near future. We are patiently waiting for more from the Colorines.- Sam Kogon (@samkoogon)

Published: March 13, 2014 |

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