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Ejecta meets our expectations with nude video for "Eleanor Lye" + tours with Sleigh Bells

Ejecta meets our expectations with nude video for "Eleanor Lye" + tours with Sleigh Bells

Oscar Wilde's quote "I can resist anything but temptations" can be applied both to Ejecta's new video for single "Eleanor Lye" (will the nudity "convince" you to watch it?) and... to this post's title. But hey, we think we earned the right to use that cheapish headline, because we totally predicted this kind of unveiling in our previous post about the Brooklyn duo, who famously promoted their debut LP through a series of au naturel pictures of lead singer Leanne Macomber advertised/posted on Pitchfork. Ok, we'll admit it, wasn't that hard to guess. But we are truly wondering how well this promotional idea is working for the band, and how much is actually distracting people (dudes in particular) from their music. For example - as you can see from this post - we are completely distracted. Ejecta is currently touring with Sleigh Bells. Check out the new video here (you may not want to watch it if you are in a public place).

Published: April 10, 2014 |

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