Interview with Wyldlife

wild life, wild tunes

By: Michael Haskoor

April 25, 2014

" Stay true to your school and treat every song you write like if you were writing a Christmas song. "

The guys in NY/NJ’s Wyldlife seem to have time traveled back to a few decades ago when The Clash where refining punk rock and Joan Jett and others were making it commercially viable, proudly planting their sound in that era, while enhancing it with an attitude vaguely reminiscent of Mr. Mick Jagger. If you are a fan of that kind of energy and haven’t heard their 2013 album ‘The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll’ then you really need to catch up.  Every song in there is a leather jacket-wearing, beer drinking, early 70s trashy party of its own. After the band made our list of "Best Emerging NYC Bands 2013" in January, we were able to get some insight from them on what’s coming next. 

How did the four of you end up playing music together?

Dave: So Sam and I have been playing together since we were young teenagers, the first formation of WYLDLIFE was actually made up in high school, but didn’t really solidify until a lineup switch at Purchase College where Sam, Spencer and Russ all went to school. I was at Baruch in Manhattan so I would come down to practice all the time and we just kept it going since then. We all like 70s punk, getting drunk and blowing chunks.

Does your band name suggest anything about your lifestyle?

We probably get more questions about the name than any other question. We can definitely be some wyld boys though. We like to have fun, shit, I dunno... Girls just want to have fun, well guess what? Boys just want to have fun, too.

What is your favorite venue to play in New York City and why?

I like the Cake Shop as it’s small in there and you don’t need a lot of people to fill it out. The sound is pretty alright and the bookers are usually on-point with throwing a bill that makes sense together. I’m also quite fond of Mercury Lounge, The Bell House and The Grand Victory in Brooklyn. I haven’t played there yet, but the sound at Baby’s All Right was really good.

What would you do to open for The Rolling Stones in concert?

Jeez, that’d be something.  Well I hope I wouldn’t have to suck Mick Jagger’s dick just to play a show. It’d be cool to just play the concert on raw talent alone. Would opening up for them matter? None of my friends can afford to see the Stones anymore. I suppose if Keith Richards asked me to smuggle a stash of smack up my ass, you know, maybe… It’d make for a funny story with my grandkids someday.

Have you been working on any new music since your popular last album ‘The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll’?

Yes. Things have been moving a little bit slower than we’d like as we've had a drummer switch up, but we’ve got basically 3 finished tracks done. The first one is called “(It’s Called) Rock ‘n’ Roll” because rock’n’roll songs about rock ‘n’ roll are always fun. The second one is called “Teenage Heart” because you can’t go wrong putting teenage anything in your song titles, and a third one we’re wrapping soon called “Keepsakes” which sounds kinda like if The Police and The Hives and The Ramones fought each other with Sock’Em Boppers (more fun than a pillow fight.) We also got about 2 or 3 more tracks almost ready to go. Once we have the drummer situation settled, we hope to really just get to work and get back in the studio. Not sure what the next route is, either a couple 7” or another full-length. We’ll see.

What have you learned to be the key components to producing a good album? 

I personally think that as long as the songs are good, you’re basically in good standing. Stay true to your school and treat every song you write like if you were writing a Christmas song. Don’t over-think a tune, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” and if it’s still in your head while you’re going to sleep you’re probably doing something right. I don’t know shit about actual production, I’ll let Sam answer that.