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Check out a slew of emerging NYC bands at Slack Fest on June 20-21-22 (all ages)

Check out a slew of emerging NYC bands at Slack Fest on June 20-21-22 (all ages)

Are you ready for more 90’s panache? Good because that’s exactly how Slackgaze, the "lifestyle/archival/everything-coolthat’s-worth-knowing-about-unless-you’re-a-square-or-something" zine from Brooklyn, describes themselves. Slackfest is being held the weekend of June 20th equipped with headliners including Brooklyn psych royalty, Turnip King (streaming), the one-FB-fan-at-a-time guy ONWE, and the extremely enjoyable experimental folk crew, The Adventures of Silver Spaceman.

The bill is chalk full of local gems from god knows where, but that matters little because all we want to do this summer is space out to some jams that these artists have been pumping out day and night just for our very own ears to explore! Oooh, can you feel it!? There’s summer in the air and the sounds that have been leaking out of this great city are thriving and alive with colors and re-imaginations from every corner of the musical realm into which we delve.

Particular favorites on this bill include Tribal Days (streaming above), whose easygoing jams reminisce bands from our slacker-rock phase of the 90’s (I hear Bedhead, Sonic Youth, etc.); Malatese, a promising noise-punk outfit from Virginia; and Palm (streaming below), whose sound ranges from hardcore to noise rock to prog rock... they’re so all over the place it’s too hard for us to pin them down, but damn does it feel good listening to them. Regardless, we urge you all to check out the bands on the line-up because it’s going to be a good one. - Jake Saunders

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