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The soothing sounds of Balancer - debut album "Tipsoo" out now

The soothing sounds of Balancer - debut album "Tipsoo" out now

Balancer is a three piece from Boston by way of Columbia and Puerto Rico that has finally settled in our quaint Brooklyn scene (HA... quaint, what a riot!).  Avoiding the grandiose, Balancer in their first album 'Tipsoo' focuses on the subtleties, which they magnify within a textured landscape of mellow ambience. Soothing synths and trance-like song structures provide an incredibly relaxing record, grabbing onto sounds and moods tweaked by bands like Givers or Grizzly Bear. Take a listen to the streaming standout track, “The Age is a Gift,” an effective melding of melting psychedelia and pop song structure. We are seeing pictures of lakes, sunsets over oceans, crystalline ice, and children on see-saws. - Jake Saunders

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Published: June 25, 2014 |

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