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Bueno shares new single 'C-C-C-C-Convenient' + plays Baked's Record Release on 8.20

Bueno shares new single 'C-C-C-C-Convenient' + plays Baked's Record Release on 8.20

Bueno has been a frequent name in our blog as of late.  It seems like every other week these Staten Island natives are playing a show somewhere, and rightfully so: they're a live band with a lot to offer, including an upcoming debut album (entitled, Guilt) and a tour with Baked.  Bueno started out as an improvisation-based band, but their songs have slowly been making the transition towards a more structured environment; we see this in their very recently released single, "C-C-C-C-Convenient" (streaming) The song is one of nihilism and frustration, a feeling fully embodied by Luke Chiaruttini, whose half talking vocals set the stage for a raucously hard hitting track: "Things are more convenient than it was back then/Sometimes I forget what it was like back then/Things now easier, fun and fair/It's nice to know that no one cares."  Bueno's jammy influences are ones for the books, because they've got it down to a T.    They're playing at The Silent Barn this Wednesday (8/20) - don't miss their set at Baked's record release show this Friday(8/22) because the lineup is one to blow you away: Ovlov, Bueno, Porches, and Baked- Jake Saunders 

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