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Ejecta releases video for 'Silver', changes name, wears clothes

Ejecta releases video for 'Silver', changes name, wears clothes

It's been an eventful, life changing couple of weeks for that constantly naked pixie of the Brooklyn music scene that is Ejecta. First the project announced a change of name due to a cease or desist threat received from a DJ called "Ejeca" (presumably this Irish act) - by the way, not sure how this dude can have such a request considering the two names are in fact different... maybe in Ireland "t"s are silent? Then they released a new video for single "Silver" under... the 'old' name Ejecta (?!? - apparently because they haven't picked a new name yet - their fans are helping them out). But what's truly shocking in a bizarrely reversed way, is that in the video (Minute 1:08) we get to see for the first time lead singer Leanne Macomber WITH some clothes on!!! Although we've been conflicted about the band's promotional (but very tasteful) use of nudity, that is actually a genius move. The next step for the Dream Pop electro duo would be to finally show in photo or video the face and boy of Joel Ford, the second half of the project, that so far has been kept away from the cameras.

Published: September 12, 2014 |

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