Walking Shapes - Interview with The Deli

The Walking Shapes Talk About Their Influences, Favorite Venues, And Their Latest Video

By: Emilio Herce

October 09, 2014

" ...it's really about the vibe of what you're laying down. It's gotta have feeling and I think that's speaks to listeners more than meticulous precision. "

Walking Shapes is the sort of band we would task with converting even the most die-hard dance adverse. Their songs tow that careful line between electronic and instrumental dance pop, and while meticulously programmed still manage to capture the electricity of a live band. Walking Shapes is thus an incredibly fluid band. The songs they play can begin ebullient and bubbly, then take a sudden turn towards the explosively propellant, before exploding into bright and spacey fractals, the sonic equivalent of closed eyed kaleidoscope. The result is songs hopeful and earnest with a broad vision.

Walking Shapes been around since 2012, a relatively short time for a band, but you’ve already super prolific, putting out two albums (a mix tape, and an LP). Is there anything you learned in previous bands that helped speed up this project’s process? Anything you’ve learned that you will always avoid?

Our first show was in Feb 2013 actually, at Glasslands, so coming up next Feb will be our 2 year birthday. We love to play and write music. Fortunately we're able to create together regularly so we're really stoked to have been able to be this productive. We're working on a follow up to our last album "Taka Come On now!". As far as learning from past projects, I think I can speak for everyone by saying that everything we've done musically to date affects the way we approach making records. The best thing I've learned making records from the past till now is that it's really about the vibe of what you're laying down. It's gotta have feeling and I think that's speaks to listeners more than meticulous precision. That's not to say you don't need to know your shit and play well, you do. You gotta play and play well regularly. Know your instrument and then use it to communicate.

Did the stuff your previous bands played influence the music of Walking Shapes? Was this mixture of rock and electronic dance music always the idea the band was going for, or was the process more organic?

Walking Shapes tries to approach music from a song to song basis. We want to make the music that's in us and that we like. I didn't actually realize we had electronic influence in our music, but that's rad. Love keyboards arpeggiators and toys of the like!

You guys identify as a New York band. Are there any venues that you consider a home base, that you play at over and over again, and feel really comfortable playing?

We all live in New York and love our city and friends living here, but other than that I don’t know what a New York band sounds like exactly. I feel like this city is so diverse... there are a ton of artists here that are sick, so it's great to be a part of the all encompassing family. We've played all over the city. We love the spot Niagara in the East Village, it's a really cool, intimate room with great history.

In that vein, what are the things you recommend touring bands do, eat, or check out when the visit the city?

Tour when it's right for your band. Touring is tough and can be costly for unknown bands so play shows in a radius you can regularly reach and don't rush it. Years of roughing it in a van can make you a great band, but that kind of stress can also be cause of a break up.

You recently played a residency at Baby’s All Right with Sons of An Illustrious Father, how was that experience? Any stories from that residency?

Yeah we played a residency there in Jan, it was great. Everyone at Baby’s are really great dudes who look after their bands, and Sons are some our best friends and one of our favorite bands so it was a real treat being able to work with both of them on that.

Your video for “Horse” portrays a bunch of kids taking back a playground from bully’s who had run them out, and features imagery from Lord of the Flies, and if I’m not mistaken, A Clockwork Orange. How’d you come up with such a novel idea for a video, and does the video represent a band philosophy (say a take on US foreign policy) or am I just reading way too much into it?

The video was directed and shot by Monster Films, which is Eamon O Rourke and Rafe Scobey-Thal. We sat down and spoke about the idea behind the lyrics and they made it visual. They're great dudes! The meaning behind the song is vague since being active about the change you want in your life is as well. Each life is a very powerful and fleeting moment so use it to it's fullest, and don't waste time feeling insignificant. I think everyone has their own concerns and issues, so from here you can fill in the blanks.