Jake's CMJ 2014 Day 2: Tonstartssbandht, Palehound, Advertising, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards

When CMJ tiredness is mistaken for anger at the world

By: Jake Saunders

October 23, 2014

" I wanted to see this band because I had read their name on some blog where some writer (like myself) told me to. Kind of like what you're doing right now (hopefully). "

Hey!  Don't you want to read about my exciting day 2 of the Crummy Music Jobs festival?  Don't you want to know about what an amazing time I'm having and all the amazing bands I'm seeing that you're missing out on at the Crap Making Jerks festival? Of course you do, I mean, my word is law after all, and everything I say should be taken with complete seriousness.  No funny business here at the Country Music Jazz festival.

Anyways, highlights:

Went to Baby's All Right yesterday afternoon to start off my day right with some Tonstartssbandht.  I've seen this band maybe a dozen times now.  They're a duo, they're brothers, Andy Boay (guitarist) plays guitar in Mac Demarco's band, they jam on psychedelic medleys that could last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes (damn, look at all those facts I squeezed into one sentence).  I love this band, there's not much more to it.  They've got an incredible connection on stage and a whimsical attitude that just makes me feel right.  They're both great musicians with a lot of soul so go do something about it.

After that, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards played, a band I've been wanting to see mostly because of their 15 minute song "Head On/Pill" (streaming below).  OK, these guys are cool, a bit flashy, but they rock and they're certainly a spectacle.  They're from Australia so they've already got the sexy accent down, they're all really attractive in this rock star kind of way. Sometimes I wonder how people wind up looking like they could be from another decade… maybe I'll just take my feeble 21st century-minded fashion sense somewhere else.  ANYWAYS, they're a seven piece band, two guitarists, two bassists, two drummers, and a harmonica player.  The drummers play in sync for basically every song, which is cool to watch, and it also makes everything super duper loud.  Like I said, it was a bit flashy for me…but they're definitely fun and their jams will bring you back to the heyday of head-banging rock n' roll (whatever that is or was).

ONWARD: Hit up the Grand Victory after a feast fit for a king (Vanessas Dumplings what what!) to catch NYC upstate quartet Palehound, a band I waanted to see because I had read their name on some blog where some writer (like myself) told me to.  Kind of like what you're doing right now (hopefully).  They are an Exploding in Sound band though, which ups their cred in my book (in terms of bands I'm seeing that I know nothing about) because that label is putting out some of the best music of the east coast right now (in my humble opinion).  They were great, kind of sounded like Speedy Ortiz what with the singers vocal melody and timbre being pretty similar.  At first I thought they were going to be a softer, folkier project (for some reason that's what the word Palehound brought up for me), but they ended being pretty damn heavy, with really well structured songs that didn't feel stagnant in the least.  I just feel bad about the whole bar venue shit, first of all everyone is shit faced and gives zero shits about the band, and the sound guy is usually harassing the band about levels and bull shit all throughout the set.  Also what REALLY fuckin pissed me off was when the sound guy started the music before their last chord even ended.  I mean, are you fuckin' serious man?  You're not even going to give the audience a chance to applaud??

OK dipped out of that shit because it felst like there were a little too many industry folks whom I didn't know/care about and headed down to a new joint in Bushwick called The Shop (the next shitty restaurant/bar venue in Bushwick), mostly because I didn't know where else to go... this was close to home, and figured I should go see more bands.  Oh and Zula and Celestial Shore were on the lineup so i figured it had to be at least a decent bill.  This was one of those great moments when you don't really expect to be blown away by a band until you are blown away by that band.  That band was Advertising, from NYC, baby. Oh man was I glad I caught these guys, because now I actually have something to rave about.  They're a no-wave influenced band, a little bit mathy, using incredibly out-there melodies and harmonies.  They'd do this strange thing where the two guitarists would play completely dissonant harmonies in unison, adding this extra weird vibe to the mix.  It was also pretty metal influenced, and just really fuckin good, ok? Just trust me on this one.  I'm not jerking you around here.  

I could talk about Zula and Celestial Shore (which I covered yesterday) but you can read about them everywhere on The Deli, they're both incredible bands worth checking out (no, I'm not just saying that because I have to! They're actually great bands with a lot of potential). BEcause of this, we'll give Zula at least the big image on the top of the page (we didn't take it yesterday, in case you are wondering)...

Anyways, CMJ day 2 was aight, hopefully day 3 will be better.  Saunders out.