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Best of CMJ 2014: NYC's Celestial Shore - live at Shae Stadium on 11.12

Best of CMJ 2014: NYC's Celestial Shore - live at Shae Stadium on 11.12

From JP's report of Day 2 of the CMJ Music Marathon 2014. " By the time Celestial Shore played, I was drunk again. Goddamnit. But my ears were reinvigorated with fuzz. Finally. It was about time. I was nervous I’d drown in all this clean delay and organized keys. A clean channel came through the set, but their haze and grit made it so that I couldn’t attentively hear anything else. Guitar parts were sporadic, yet cohesive—a chaos that made sense, almost like a grunge-pop. Soft vocals offset the sludge tones, breathing life into the room. It was fun to watch, if only to see their drummer have himself a time on that crash cymbal. It seemed like every time he hit it, a smile would grow on his face. Some of the songs may very well have been written solely around an insane drum solo, but who cared? There was a slow jam thrown in there (maybe the streaming "Die For Us"?), which had a sudden, jolting tempo change. The last song was bluesy and cool, fading out real nice with the singer/guitarist noisily riffing his guitar frets on his mic stand, which was neat. Yeah, neat. " - Celestial Shore plays Shea Stadium on 11.12 with Leapling and Cave Cricket.

Published: November 04, 2014 |

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