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Punk NYC band EndAnd's new EP "Fun Times with Shitty People"

Punk NYC band EndAnd's new EP "Fun Times with Shitty People"

Gowanus, Brooklyn's local punk rockers EndAnd (a band we booked for on of our CMJ shows two years ago) have been embracing the NYHC punk sound since 2011 while giving it a softer, more melodic edge - somewhat reminiscent of Nightbirds. The trio's sound is defined by Daniel Fern's incredibly thick and raw distorted guitar and  by his powerful pipes. They've just released a 6-track EP entitled "Fun Times with Shitty People" that was recorded in just 7 hours to really give it that live, underproduced, fuzzy punk-rock feel - but boy, it's so tight and explosive you wouldn't think so. The EP's intro song 'Art #1' is an unrelenting, tense sonic attack with interesting math moments and a chorus that's borderline grunge, while second track "Choked On Beer" (streaming) follows a more standard (and fun) punk rock script.  The band currently doesn't have any tour dates scheduled, but after coming off a recent performance at Skate Brooklyn Skate Shop on 10.4, some are likely to emerge so stay tuned! -Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)

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Published: November 05, 2014 |

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