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From the NYC submissions: Noble Kids' roots music

From the NYC submissions: Noble Kids' roots music

Brooklyn is perceived as the home of indie, psych and garage artists, but the community of musicians inspired by the roots of American music is large, and probably bound to expand in the years to come. Noble Kids, whose four-song EP “Kingdom,” released in November of 2013, is deeply rooted in lyrical imagery and compositional intricacy. The record is quite an interesting collection and manages to accomplish much in just four tracks. While opener “Pine” emplyoys dynamic variations on an overall droney atmosphere, “James Gabriel” (streaming) and “Disregard” offer up the simple, crooning heartbreak of true folk songs. All in all, the five members, which recently expanded from the original duo, have come together to create something quite unique, and we are curious to see what else they have coming. Word on the street is they are recording their first full-length as we speak - keep an ear out. - Jillian Dooley

This band submitted their music for coverage here.

Published: December 08, 2014 |

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