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NYC Band on the Rise: Skyes play Mercury on 02.18

NYC Band on the Rise: Skyes play Mercury on 02.18

These days it really seems like synths are taking over the world, or at least Brooklyn. And this time around, for some obscure reason, women are leading the charge. Skyes is yet another female fronted Brooklyn band that makes heavy use of synthezisers. Please don't get that "yet" wrong: we love this new electro "wave," and all these artists sound nothing like each other; we are just amazed at the sheer number of submissions of this kind we've been getting. Skyes' music could be described as synth-pop because of its melodic focus, but it trades that genre's upbeat thoughtlessness with a dark-ish, experimental, non linear edge in the arrangement department, reminiscent at times of Kate Bush's avant-pop. Their most popular single "A Girl Named Jake" (streaming) highlights the lead singer's beautiful pipes and noteworthy production values for what we assume are home made recordings. Skyes will be playing Mercury Lounge on February 18 with The Bowery Riots, Everest Cale, American Darlings.

Published: February 12, 2015 |

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