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Dreamy and droney Brooklyn band: Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

Dreamy and droney Brooklyn band: Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

It's always interesting when a band employs vocals without actual lyrics, or sings completely unintelligible ones. The technique was made popular by Cocteau Twins and their dream pop/shoegaze descendents, but it's also used in various extreme metal genres, where screaming corrupts the words' meaning. Brooklyn’s preposterously named Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk are firmly embedded in the former category, and their sound is a beautiful one. “Saturday” moves with the minor key melancholia and descending progression of prime mid-90’s dreamgaze practitioners like Slowdive. Additional tracks like “Burt” pop and crackle with the feel of a late night jam session. The melody is strong, but any semblance of literal meaning is merely suggested. This is the musical equivalent of an impressionists water color painting. A surprisingly soulful element emerges however, with the romanticism of early 1970’s r&b act The Chi-Lites discovered under a layer of Kevin Shields’ My Bloody Valentine filters. The band is currently in the studio recording new material. - Dave Cromwell

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Published: February 18, 2015 |

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