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NYC Year End Poll 2015: the forgotten juror votes

NYC Year End Poll 2015: the forgotten juror votes

Although being human is a wonderful thing (at least most days), unfortunately it's a condition that implies imperfection - so hopefully you'll keep this in mind while reading the following post...

When tallying up the votes of the jurors, we unfortunately overlooked two of them. This led to six bands being excluded from the best of NYC readers poll. That sucks, we know, and we hope bands and jurors will accept our sincerest apology. Honest to God, running twelve of these polls is something we won't wish to our worst enemy, so many details, so many potential pitfalls. Anyway, to make up for our mistake not only we added the bands back in the Best of NYC 2014 list, but we'll post their streaming music right here, and we'll give them the opportunity to get their fans involved in our upcoming Artist of the Month Poll, whose results will be taken into account for the Best of NYC chart.

Needless to say, these artists will be featured in the Best of NYC issue in the spring.

Big Huge (Garage Pop)


Black Diamondz - (Alt Soul)


Feral Foster (Folk+Blues)


Fern Mayo - (lo-fi)


Flagland (Slacker Rock)


Michael Daves (Folk)

This Emerging Artist is based in NYC,
check out other talented locals we picked
for our NYC Artist of the Month poll below!

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