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Big Neck Police bring their mad math-punk to Aviv on 03.27

Big Neck Police bring their mad math-punk to Aviv on 03.27

Big Neck Police (a band that made our recent Best of NYC 2014 list) is a raw sounding three-piece punk band with metal influences. Their latest EP is a split with fellow New Yorkers, Dog, and is available on Bandcamp. What happens in this EP and who are these people, you ask? Educated guess #1: That cool guy in math class you thought was a total slacker was really just bored because he knew the answers to everything. He grew up and today he spills a bowl of hot soup on himself. At first he screams and falls into things in the kitchen. Then takes a deep breath and stays home from work with a lap of 2nd degree burns. The television hypnotizes him. All of his friends are inside it, only they are all sock puppets on a therapy talk show. They get violent with each other. Dr. Phil helps them talk it out in the end but our guy is already asleep on the couch. You don’t believe me? Check them out live at DIY venue Aviv on March 27. (crazy stuff!) - Leora Mandel

Published: March 06, 2015 |

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