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Brooklyn semi-super group Downies plays Palisades on 05.21

Brooklyn semi-super group Downies plays Palisades on 05.21

Since the band is comprised of musicians already active in semi-established acts LVL UP and Porches, Brooklyn's Downies earns automatically the not so prestigious title of "semi-super-group." But the one song they have available online indeed showcases a band with semi-supernatural musical powers, in particular in the speed and melodic departments. "Widow" (streaming below) is a terrific pop tune that proceeds at dangerous pace, while unassuming vocals barely float in a sea of distorted guitars. You could call this pop punk, if the genre didn't bring to mind a million screaming Greenday derivatives. Rather, Downies' music seem to draw influences from the more humble records of the pioneers of melodic hardcore, Husker Du, although with a dreamier vocal style. This is stuff with potential, we are looking forward to hearing more at Palisades on May 21, when the band will support Big Ups and Krill at Palisades.

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Published: May 19, 2015 |

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