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Video of the Month: Captain Baby - "I Say You." See them at CMJ on 10.13 at Arlene's

Video of the Month: Captain Baby - "I Say You." See them at CMJ on 10.13 at Arlene's

(True, we don't really have a "Video of the Month" appointment here at The Deli, but sometimes we need a title that stresses how much we like something, so there you go.)

Music revivals can be great, don't get us wrong. But a blog dedicated to a scene with a history as eclectic and forward thinking as the NYC one should not miss any opportunities to highlight artists that are making an effort to sound different (without sounding awful, because it's too easy that way!). Brooklyn based Captain Baby makes such effort, and pulls it off brilliantly. We noticed their music about a year ago, cherry picking it from the jungle of our digital submissions. Listening to their debut album "Sugar Ox" one year later, we realize it's a true gem. Led by Afghani composer Asher Rogers, this is a project that finds inspiration in genre mashup, with an overall "avant-indie" sound that swallows and processes music as distant as reggae, African rhythms, funk, Eastern music and Calypso among others. They have three videos out, all obviously low budget, but very cool nonetheless. Check out below the one for "I Say You" and their strangely soulful latest single "More than a Woman." Captain Baby will be performing at Arlene's Grocery on 10.13 (early show) within the CMJ Music Marathon.

Published: October 08, 2015 |

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