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Suspenseful rock from NYC: Lushes open for Kurt Vile + play Baranquilla on 11.15

Suspenseful rock from NYC: Lushes open for Kurt Vile + play Baranquilla on 11.15

If, in the US, the music equivalent of horror movies was as popular as its visual counterpart, a band like Brooklyn's Lushes would be very happy indeed - although, to stay in charachter, they would frown and stare at you lifelessly. For cultural reasons, middle Europe (who has always been ok with celebrating tragic despair) is a lot more open to strident atmospheres and dissonant sounds than America. No wonder then Lushes is currently traveling through places like Stockholm and Berlin (where they opened for Kurt Vile), finding audiences who appreciate the kind of dark enterteinment they can provide. The trio recently released their full lenght debut "Service Industry," which features a series of raw, understated tunes celebrating tension, dissonance and aural desolation. The record forges a rather unique identity for this band, that will be performing live at Brooklyn's Baranquilla on Novbember 15.

Published: November 11, 2015 |

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