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A Deli NYC premiere: Battle Ave's video for "Aleph"

A Deli NYC premiere: Battle Ave's video for "Aleph"

Sometimes, random circumstances make a video, or a song, or a movie, particularly significant for the times we are living. Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single "Aleph," by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if we'll ever experience it again in NYC - after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees. But the development of the video's story line also introduced another extremely current, even more stirring issue, related to carrying weapons, the temptation to actually use them, and the endless regret coming after that. But then again, on top of these already powerful thoughts, came the realization that this is a song about solitude and the insanity it can potentially trigger: the track develops along comfortingly catchy electric guitar arpeggios and an orderly rhythm section, but Jesse Alexander's subtly deranged vocal tone bears and almost announces the seed of madness, in a pop environment that, otherwise, almost exudes domestic tranquility. This paradox is eerily reminiscent of the strident familiarity screamed by the images of the house of the San Bernardino terrorists, and in particular the absurd and disturbing thought of a young couple, teaching their six month old "manners" from a book, a few hours before committing a mass murder...

As disturbing as art like this might be, when it's this well executed, it's certainly more powerful and intellectually rewarding than your average escapist pop - even though recent episodes certainly contributed in making this video more relevant (the song was released in May 2015, as part of the band's debut full length "Year of Nod"). Our feeling is that our times require a renewed attention to reality, and that art should serve that purpose.

P.S. Battle Ave is mostly based in upstate NY, but their NYC based drummer makes them eligible for coverage in this blog.

Published: December 14, 2015 |

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