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Best of NYC 2015 - Open Submission Results for HIP HOP + OTHER: DAYAN, I.O.D., The Vagabondz

Best of NYC 2015 - Open Submission Results for HIP HOP + OTHER: DAYAN, I.O.D., The Vagabondz

We continue churning out results for the Open Submissions to our Best of NYC Poll for Emerging Artists. Here are the ones who qualify to the next phase of the poll in the category "HIP HOP + OTHER."

Total submissions in this category: 11

Jurors: Cervante Pope (The Deli Portland), Ryan Mo (The Deli LA), Michelle Bacon (The Deli KC).

1. DAYAN - 7.33 (out of 10)

Dayan is Laura Dayan and Darko Saric.  Their indie-electronic Latin American folkloric funk is a swelling and pulsing exploration of the darkest corners of the dancefloor.  Laura’s voice beckons from an alternate universe with stories of magic and soul, while Darko maneuvers from House to Shoegaze.  The elements work together weaving a nostalgic longing for places unseen, rabbit holes, wishing wells, forgotten questions. - BrokeMc


2. I.O.D. - 7.16

21 year old rapper I.O.D. a.k.a. Brownsvillian performed in front of thousands at the 2015 Brooklyn Music Festival, yet he has only six tracks on his Soundcloud.  This dearth obviously works in his favor.  From the raw candor of his “Grief Freestyle” to the spitfire Spanish and English “‘15 Originator (sida A),” I.O.D. demonstrates a fine balance between raw street spit and endearing quirkiness.  His style is still coalescing, but his skill is undeniable, and with Mtv and Hot97 vouching for him, his follow up to the critically lauded “11212” mixtape will only open him up to larger crowds and venues. - BrokeMc


2. The Vagabondz - 7.16

The Vagabondz, a rap band and collective originating out of Beacon High School, don’t stray too far from Hip Hop’s roots.  Their debut album “Lessons” is an unpretentious, jazzy, trappy swarm of flows reminiscent of The Pharcyde and Project Blowed.  The production feels so authentically West Coast, it’s hard to believe The Bondz rep Manhattan, NYC.  Dropping references from Common to Black Sheep to Mark Morrison, their foundation is as solid as it gets.  Though they’ve matriculated to various colleges, The Vagabondz promise they’ll always find their way back home. - BrokeMc


Honorable Mentions (score above 6): The Real Mike Wilson

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