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Hnry Flwr dances solo in debut video for "Down, in Carolina" + plays Shea Stadium on 02.10

Hnry Flwr dances solo in debut video for "Down, in Carolina" + plays Shea Stadium on 02.10

In the late '60s, Jim Morrison, in this interview, clearly predicted the future of music, envisioning something unimaginable at the time: a one person act, using tapes and electronic equipment as his or her band. We wonder if the psychedelic icon's dream looked and sounded similar to HNRY FLWR's video for "Down, in Carolina," which we are premiering below. Even though, in it, musical instruments are nowhere to be seen, David Van Witt, the psychedelic mastermind behind the project, doesn't do anything to hide the fact that he has full control of his creative output: the video plays like a solo dance full of glam overtones and lush with sensual background projections, during which David seems to do its best to... woo himself - in a self courting ritual that's synonymous with art. Those who, like us, love the the quirky and somewhat meditative psychedelic pop of Grandaddy may have found a new friend. Hnry Flowr will be playing in quartet setup at Shea Stadium on February 10.

Published: February 08, 2016 |

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