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NYC discovery of the month: Humeysha's video for 'Burma betweenYou and Me'

NYC discovery of the month: Humeysha's video for 'Burma betweenYou and Me'

Holy cow, Deli Readers! Check out this stunning song/video combo, directly from our digital submissions, which rarely reserve this kind of surprises (when they do, it's pure joy). The band in question is called Humeysha and - according to their Facebook profile - hail from NYC / LKO / KHI - which is enough info to include them in this blog, but fails to convey any other familiar location. However, their bio indicates Indian origins, betrayed rather heavily by their music and imagery. In October 2015 the quartet released a 14 track self-titled full length album that integrates Indian influences and western pop format in psychedelic ways that would make George Harrison proud. The video elevates the single's dreaminess with stunning and vaguely disturbing images. Kudos to all parts involved, this is beautiful art.

Published: February 09, 2016 |

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