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Asbury Park's gods revisit the psych rock and garage rock of the '60s

Asbury Park's gods revisit the psych rock and garage rock of the '60s

Asbury Park’s fertile music scene has had a long history of influence on the NY metro area and beyond. Local psych rock revival quartet gods is a recent offshoot of The Parlor Mob, releasing their debut EP “Endless Stunner” in early 2015. Leadoff track “New Future” builds off a forward driving snare and bass drum beat with tambourine-jingle enhancements, as guitar chord structures playfully invert The Beatles' “Ticket To Ride.” Vocals begin as the drums drop out, creating a harmony-induced dreamlike sequence before the beat kicks back in. The lyrics “I have been waiting it seems until eternity brings me the light” underscore a chorus enphasized by riff heavy guitars. “Creatures” rises out of an electronic bass pulse center, allowing space and sonic textures to float around it. With individual percussive elements emphasized through heightened studio effects, an overall sinister feel in rhythm emerges. One could imagine this as film score music behind a pivotal travel scene. The pure pop'n'roll single “Puttin’ Me On” (streaming) seems as if molded from prime era “Electric Warrior” T-Rex combined with joyous groove of 70’s psych-pop bands like Mungo Jerry. Bolan-esque vibrato infused verses are followed by the handclap punctuated hook “B-B-Baby, don’t you know you drive me crazy, you do!” As catchy a pop rocker you’re likely to hear, the best elements lock together bass, lead and rhythm guitars. Clocking in under two-minutes, “dream, dream, dream” moves things further back in time with its mid-60’s British blues feel. The vibe is early Yardbirds, Eric Burden’s Animals and the Van Morrison fronted Them. Title track “Endless Stunner” serves as the EP’s big time rave up grand finale. Epic guitar hooks share sonic space with raucous vocal screams, abruptly staggered drums and dreamlike plateaus, bringing together the best of hard rock and prog. gods will be performing at the Good Room in Greenpoint on May 11, while The Parlor Mob play on April 8 at House of Independents during the Asbury Park Music In Film Festival. - Dave Cromwell

Published: April 04, 2016 |

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