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B Boys talk about guitar pedals on Delicious Audio

B Boys talk about guitar pedals on Delicious Audio

Brooklyn B Boys came seemingly out of nowhere in March 2016 with debut EP 'No Worry No Mind' (on cult local label Captured Tracks). The album caught immediately a lot of attention (certainly ours) also thanks to the promotion the band received from touring with Parquet Courts soon after the release. The three gentlemen would have found themselves at home in Ohio around 1977, when seminal bands like Devo and Pere Ubu were making music so cool that semi-forgotten by God places like Akron and Cleveland became suddenly the epicenter of the rock'n'roll world. B Boys blend those influences with a sound that flirts with the reverberations of surf music and the gritty fuzziness of garage rock. In line with the DIY scene's ethos and budget, the band's guitarist Britton Walker has a few, trusted, mostly borrowed pieces of gear, we asked him a few questions about them in our blog Delicious Audio (link below). Check out their second official single 'Seagulls' below.

Q&A with B Boys about guitar pedals

Published: June 16, 2016 |

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