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NYC Record of the Month: Show Me The Body - 'Body War'

NYC Record of the Month: Show Me The Body - 'Body War'

After - quite literally - storming the local DIY scene with their super tense live shows and a borderline insane debut EP, this past summer the trio of NYC natives Show Me the Body released their debut album 'Body War,' a ten track, electric banjo driven sonic assault that manages to successfully blend post-hardcore, industrial, math rock and hip hop. The album inserts itself in the lineage of hybrid punk releases that includes seminal records by Fugazi and Rage Against the Machine, but maintains a level of rawness and desperation neither of those bands ever managed to convey. (This makes us wonder if that's what a few decades spent in NYC's "less trendy" neighborhoods does to kids...). Intriguingly, unlike most post-hardcore acts, Show Me The Body isn't afraid to slow down the tempo ('Death Sounds 2'), or even give up the drums entirely every now and then ('Honesty Hour'), which opens up sonic space for sound experimentation and even textural moments, like in 'Chrome Exposed.' The quieter sections also allow for a greater contrast when the instrumental explosion eventually arrives, taking the '90s rock loud/quit/loud idea to its extreme. But the most effective tracks are the ones where the band's signature tension finds an (explosive) release, like title-track. 

This is the record most NYC kids involved in the vital, seminal, local DIY scene - and in all likelihood, most rock critics too - will remember years from now. It’s a record we think is destined to inspire many young, offbeat musicians - from underground, where so many NYC scene gems are buried.

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