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Zula premieres video for "F*ck This," plays Trans-Pecos on 01.06

Zula premieres video for "F*ck This," plays Trans-Pecos on 01.06

On Zula's new single "F*ck This," from their new 8 track mini-album 'Grasshopper,' at second 22, after a plodding intro, a misleadingly incoherent drum pattern triggers the thought that "this band actually wants to f*ck with us" - a thought to be read in the somewhat platonic acception most commonly used in the sentence "don't f*ck with me!". Here at The Deli, though, we never say that because we absolutely love to be f*cked with in any possible way, but in particular when the f*cking 'agent' is music. Often we actually go through long periods of sadness due to the fact that we don't find any bands interested in f*cking with us, dammit! So let's enjoy Zula's new single and video together, from a band that already gave us a NYC Record of the Month back in 2014. Like Italians, Zula do it better - don't miss their upcoming live show at Trans-Pecos on January 6th.

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