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Industrial duo Uniform releases single "The Killing of America" + plays BK Bazaar on 02.09

Industrial duo Uniform releases single "The Killing of America" + plays BK Bazaar on 02.09

Well there are a lot of angry people out there these days, which bodes well for industrial rock, the more radical and abrasive branch of electronic music (for the uninitiated, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry were the genre's brightest shining stars in the '90s, but if you want to dig deep into it, you'll have to look at mitteleuropean bands like Einstürzende Neubauten and The Young Gods, among others).  NYC duo Uniform plays a rather uncompromising version of the genre, with relentless drum machines, uber-fuzzy guitars that flirt with thrash metal, and distorted vocals. They just released "The Killing of America", their second single from their upcoming full-length, 'Wake In Fright,' described as "an exploration of self-medication, painted in the colors of war." For those in need to a cathartic, anger-releasing moment, catching this band live at Brooklyn Bazaar on February 9th might just do it.

Published: January 05, 2017 |

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