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(Adorable) band on the rise: Poppies play Sunnyvale tonight (01.17), Baby's on 02.01

(Adorable) band on the rise: Poppies play Sunnyvale tonight (01.17), Baby's on 02.01

The name of NYC's quartet Poppies is extremely appropriate, considering those flowers' sleep (and high) inducing qualities - as all rock'n'rollers should know, all opioids like morphine, heroine and a slew of painkillers derive from poppy seeds. Both sleepy and dreamy, this band's soothing, melancholic ballads feature the gentle and youthful voice of May Rio, and a tendency to find inspiration in old time pop melodies that's somewhat reminiscent of Mitski (check out streaming single Eggheads in this regard). Their music video for “Told,” which features a man in a dog costume and an old lady resenting him, give us an example of their more "hallucinogenic" side. The quartet has a string of local shows scheduled, culminating with a show at Baby's All Right on 02.01 with Baked and Soft Fangs (they'll be also playing at Sunnyvale tonight 01.17).

Published: January 17, 2017 |

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