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Ahsh Eff crafts mutli-layered throwback hip hop with new single "Kozart"

Ahsh Eff crafts mutli-layered throwback hip hop with new single "Kozart"

Ahsh Eff's growly drawl is 2017’s greatest throwback.

When Ahsh starts rapping it’s easy to get lost in her posturing. Lines like “Glowed up, feeling like I’m Sosa,” come off as clever plays on Hip Hop cliches. It’s not until you realize that Ahsh is actually a character created by the artist (actually named Lisa) that you get really dialed into the brilliance of the performance.  It’s meta-rap replete with money green hair and eyebrows.  She’s playing the role of a fifteen year old girl who is completely enraptured with the swagger of gangbanging staring at posters on her wall, emphatically chanting “GANG! GANG! GANG!”  Ahsh Eff is one to watch this year as she continues to deconstruct her thug.-brokeMC 

Published: February 24, 2017 |

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