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Vintage Pop from NYC: Fascinations Grand Chorus

Vintage Pop from NYC: Fascinations Grand Chorus

Revival pop and rock require, more than any other genres, a selection of wardrobe and colors that are appropriate to the era referenced in the band's music, but possibly with some elements of "new" in it. Brooklyn's new project Fascinations Grand Chorus excels at that, sporting a look that's very late '50s/early '60s, but choosing to push the classic pastel tones of those years in a more vibrant direction, with slightly psychedelic results. Is that also how their music sounds like? To a certain extent. Overall, it's very anchored to those pre-Beatles years in the UK, with Stephanie's vocals disciplinately singing vintage pop melodies between bee bop and Rock'n'Roll; however, some psychedelic edge is introduced by guitar parts that - like in single "Welcome" (streaming) - are at times reminiscent of Pink Floyd's early records. The duo released their debut, self titled EP last year and a follow up 'Actor/Actress EP' early in 2017.

Published: March 10, 2017 |

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