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From the digital submissions: songwriter Sydney Robinson

From the digital submissions: songwriter Sydney Robinson

In 2017, folk music is far from being simply a revival phenomenon. In the last few decades, the genre has been undergoing a healthy evolution, incorporating elements from pop and indie rock, often flirting with melodic and "dreamy" components that don't necessarily belong to its most authentic roots. This process had the effect of widening a sonic palette that started to feel and sound outdated. You can hear all that in NYC songrwriter's new release 'Rain on the River.' Her single 'Alexander,' which was included in the April 2017 "New Folk" playlist by Indie Feed Music, is a delicate and passionate folk-pop ballad about ex-lovers and the ageless question "...do you think of me the same way I think of you?" The all-consuming melancholy such thought could induce is tempered by Sydney's light tone and breezy melody, which makes it sound like an afterthought - at least until everything goes quiet and the crucial issue comes up: "have you found another girl? [...] Are you happy now?"

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Published: May 03, 2017 |

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