A Chat With Connecticut's The Oddbodies

The Oddbodies discuss the CT scene, the creative process, and their influences

By: Andrew Strader

May 09, 2017

"There is a monstrous amount of talent here in New Haven... It doesn’t get the attention it deserves."

The Oddbodies are an alternative punk band from Connecticut that makes dirty, distorted, guitar-heavy punk songs with an indie rock twist. At their highest intensity, they sound similar to '90s grunge classics like Soundgarden, while their more relaxed numbers prove reminiscent of alternative rock staples like Wavves. Hailing from New Haven, the outfit has found a way to stay inspired and active in relatively quiet surroundings. The Deli sat down with this underdog group to chat and get their full scoop. 

How did you all meet and what made you start playing music together?

So, Chris and I (Joe) have been friends since forever, and we met Jack at a week long rock n roll summer camp in high school. Jack and Chris went to college with Will, and, after some shifting of roles and internal adjustment, I moved to rhythm guitar and Will took over on bass, which led to the Oddbodies lineup we all know and love today. We play music because we love it, and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I’ve noticed the songs are credited to all three of you. Do you all take equal roles in writing them? What does your creative process look like?

Well, we have four members, so if it only mentions three of us then we have some editing to do. We all take part in creating our songs. Typically, one person writes the basic chord structure and lyrics, and then it gets brought to the band. Once it gets to the band, everyone writes their own piece, and, somewhere between the four of us, we create a melody and harmony and rhythmic changes and all sorts of good stuff. It’s hard to describe, but we work well together. Stuff goes in, better stuff comes out.

What are your main sonic influences?

Oh, that’s tough. Oasis, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, The Strokes, The Pixies, The Stone Roses, a whole mess of stuff.

What are the band's plans for the summer?

Play music, same as always. Catch us if we’re around. Though, we must warn you, we’re switching coasts sometime in the near future, so keep those heads up and do what you can about keeping up with us.

Is Boston a good place for an indie band these days?

Boston has always been a hotbed for top-notch bands – Pixies, Aerosmith, The Cars – but it’s also a good place for smaller bands to play around. There are a lot of bars and a lot of colleges, and that’s always good for local acts. We played at Church near Fenway and it seemed like a cool neighborhood. To be honest, we’re more of a New Haven band. There isn’t much of a music scene in Connecticut, but there are a lot of a good bands and a bunch of dive bars making a great go of it anyways; can’t keep good musicians down.

What are other like-minded local bands you like to share the stage with?

First and foremost: Honch. These guys are like tits on a Ferrari; dope as hell and ready to rock your world. It’s punk rock n’ roll, no two ways about it; just hard rocking, beer swilling, cigarette smoking badassery. I dare you to see their show and not like it, I dare you. Plus there’s Hiss The Villain, Dangerous Animals, Every Moving Color, King Bongo and a bunch of other great acts playing around – there is a monstrous amount of talent here in New Haven. Really, check it out. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves.