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Folksters Bandits on the Run! play American Beauty on June 10th

Folksters Bandits on the Run! play American Beauty on June 10th

Bandits on the Run! is not Wings’ new millennial side-project, but it might as well be. This indie-folk trio is just as much fun as the song it references in their name, but with an updated twist, especially in their refined March 2017 release, The Criminal Record. NYC locals Adrian Blake Enscoe, Sydney Torin Shepherd, and Regina Marie Strayhorn, incorporate cello, violin, and even a banjo supported by melancholic harmonies that bring the fun-folk spirit of bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros or Noah and the Whale. The Criminal Record is must-listen full of campfire songs for the modern cowboy, or your local bolo-tie wearing barista. They play American Beauty NYC on June 10th and Pete’s Candy Store on June 11th. - Allie Miller

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