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HNRY FLWR release EP "Flowerama" play Berlin on 6/16

HNRY FLWR release EP "Flowerama" play Berlin on 6/16

Brooklyn musician David Van Witt records and plays live (with a band) under the name HNRY FLWR.  After spending the last two years honing his project's live show, he found a home for his debut EP 'Flowerama' at NYC's Paper Garden Records.  Opening track “Stranger” moves from somber beginnings into a bright keyboard driven anthem. Nuanced layers emerge throughout with cascading background vocals and buzzing synths.  “As Above, So Below” (streaming) slithers along like a soundtrack to some middle-eastern mystery quest film.  Ballad “Little Brother” explores the cycle of violent abuse, ultimately concluding that “now I’ve become those bruises on your arms.”  “Down In Carolina” is propelled along by a deliberate bass line under bright synthesizer enhancements.  There’s a muted, distant quality to the vocals that add an air of mystery and depth to the track.  Closing track “Context (Trans-Pecos, On A Full Moon, On A Monday)” sounds pretty much as the title suggests - this acoustic-guitar-only live track was recorded at the Queens' venue. The EP release show is Friday 6/16 at Berlin with The Undercover Dream Lovers and Rhinestone. - Dave Cromwell

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Published: June 15, 2017 |

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